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If It Ain't A Hockin, You're Not Rockin’

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Producing High-Quality Guitars at

Affordable Prices

Every guitarist needs a quality guitar that comes with a fantastic pickups, top-notch hardware, and high-end wood to produce outstanding tone in every note. At Hockin Guitars, you can take home yours for as low as $899!

Hi, I’m Kipp Hockin. I know the struggle of most  guitarists in trying to find a high-end instrument without spending a lot of cash.

Most of the well-known guitar brands of higher quality cost between $1,500 to $3,500. That’s why I take pride in producing unique and high-quality guitars at affordable prices, right here in Chapel Hill, Tennessee. I make sure that my products will accompany you for years of playing good music for the world. Contact me today for more details. 

Ask about the "not so perfect" blemished guitars. I have a few that just don't make the cut, so to speak. These all have paint issues ONLY.  The blemishes are on the backside of the guitars & are not recognizable if you're looking at the front. They are available with MAJOR discounts


30% off list

These all have slight paint issues - THAT"S IT!

My mistakes are YOUR gain.

Get a guitar that's normally $899 for $630.

If THAT doesn't light your fire, then your wood must be wet........


All blemished guitars are sold "AS IS" and do not carry any warranty. However, these are the same guitars that I personally use at every gig with both bands, and every Sunday morning at church. It's ONLY a small amount of cosmetic issues with these, they play and sound


All guitars are marked 16% off starting 03/11/20 - 03/31/20 for the Sweet 16 special. Not only that, I'll also ship it to you for free. That's a total savings right around $130 off list price. So go ahead , take advantage of the savings on your NEW favorite guitar, because:

If It Ain't A Hockin.

You're Not Rockin'

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