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Why Choose Hockin Guitars

Building a high quality, unique guitar is what I do here at Hockin Guitars. I designed my own guitar with the "working musician" in mind, and sell them at affordable prices.

Whether your looking for your first guitar, or want to ad another one to your collection, you can't go wrong with a Hockin Guitar. 

Mission Statement

My goal is to make Hockin Guitars a household name, while providing high-quality instruments to any & all guitarist's, regardless of your skill level. 


I started  toying with the idea of trying to make my own guitar, after leaving a local music store. It seemed that the REALLY nice guitars all had REALLY BIG price tags. I thought, "there's no way I would ever be able to afford anything like that, but  I wondered if I could make one"? So I started doing a little research to see what it would take. I bought a whole bunch of parts (bodies, necks, tuners, bridges, etc...) and started trying to put something together. The first few.........disaster. But I stuck with it, because I knew that there was no way I could  scrape up the $$$ to buy that high end guitar. After a lot of reading, video watching, talking with other builders, looking at what & how they were doing things, they actually started to get better. I began lending a few out for other people to play, and asking them for feedback on what they did and didn't like. I took that information very seriously, because believe it or not, most of the info I got back was pretty positive. I began really taking great care in fret work, wiring, setup, and all around "look" of the guitar, to try and make the best guitar I possibly could. After a few bumps in the road, a "Forced" re-design, emails back and forth to wood, hardware, and pickup suppliers, The ALL NEW Hockin SC (Single Cut) Standard and Deluxe Series was born. These guitars are a direct representation of my passion for playing, guitar building and love for music. They have all the look and feel of a VERY expensive guitar, the electronics, hardware, and pickups of a VERY expensive guitar, but DON'T have the VERY expensive price tag. See for yourself why all my customers say, If It Ain't A Hockin, You're Not Rockin'

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